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Explore Relevant Technologies

Across our suite of six short courses, you will explore technologies like Blender, Unity, C++, C#, and more.

Not certain that you want to pursue the full certificate? Courses can be taken before applying to the certificate program, or individually around areas of interest.


Revolutionize Your Field

Whether you are a learning designer seeking new ways to build meaningful educational experiences or a game developer who sees the future of gaming in VR, we are ready for you. 

Bring your big ideas to Tufts, and we’ll give you the skills to make them happen.


Design The Future

It’s predicted that by 2030, 23.5 million jobs will be using VR.

If you’re ready to join the innovators, register now and make your vision a virtual reality.

Source: CNBC

Ready to enhance your career in the arts? Explore our Certificate in Virtual Realityand its related courses.

SMFA's Certificate in Virtual Reality is a flexible, intensive, skills-oriented program built upon its unique interdisciplinary approach to art-making.

Next Course
Registration Deadline:
September 3rd
Next Cohort Start: September 6th
Cost: $795 per course

VR Certificate Courses

The courses within the VR certificate are designed to give students advanced skills and understanding of virtual reality, and include building 3D environments, coding in C++ and C#, scripting, building models in Blender and Unity, and UI elements. The courses are all asynchronous, giving students even greater flexibility as they move through the curriculum. 


Ready to apply?

If the Certificate in Virtual Reality sounds like a fit for you, submit your application today. You’ll receive emails regarding the program and be notified when it’s time to register. Applications take less than 10 minutes to complete!


Explore Other Certificates at the SMFA

Want to take your education even further? SMFA offers a Certificate in Graphic Design, Certificate in Illustration, and Dual Certificate in Illustration and Graphic Design to add even more artistic flair to your virtual reality environments.

The SMFA Difference

  • Learn from renowned artist-faculty members who are well-versed in VR technology and applications
  • Experience Tufts' hallmark interdisciplinary approach to education, which will prepare you for a future in the field of your choosing
  • Prepare to approach technology and its many applications from the lens of an artist/maker

Potential Jobs

Strengthen your ability to implement VR in your current role, or transition into a new job like:

  • Virtual Reality Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Graphics Engineer
  • Design Architects
  • VR Prototyper

Source: Circuit Stream


Any Questions About SMFA Continuing Education?

Schedule a call with our Admissions Team or email Sarah, our Associate Director of Continuing Education. We’re here to help you succeed.