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Coming Winter 2022: Tufts Leadership Workshop Suite

The three-workshop series arms participants with the knowledge, confidence, skills and self-understanding necessary to ground and grow their roles as leaders across different types of businesses and organizations. 


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Leading with Presence

Leading with Presence: Engage and Inspire Those Around You

In this online leadership course, we’ll focus on:

  • Being a human leader, the importance of coming from a place of why, and articulating passions and aspirations
  • Engaging and inspiring those around us by understanding the importance of storytelling and embracing vulnerability as a means to instilling confidence
Fostering Relationships

Fostering Relationships: Listening without Bias

In this online leadership training, we’ll focus on:

  • Embracing the adage “talk less and listen more”
  • Dissecting the HEAR model (Hear, Empathize, Analyze, Respond)
  • Becoming questioning masters (closed-ended vs. open-ended, using high-gain questions to get even further beneath the surface of understanding, etc.)
  • Recognizing pitfalls and bad habits
Navigating Difficult Conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

In this online leadership development opportunity, we’ll focus on:

  • Why you need to first be a good receiver of feedback in order to be a good giver of feedback
  • The importance of recognizing triggers when receiving feedback
  • How to effectively ask for feedback
  • Employing the 80/20 rule when preparing to give feedback
  • The importance of positive feedback

Workshop Modality


Live Online

Workshop Series Cost



Workshop Series Start Date


January 2023

Tufts Leadership Workshop Suite

Learning Outcomes

  • Insight on fostering authentic work relationships
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Strategies for giving and receiving feedback
  • More productive and collaborative dialogue
  • Relatable communication style and sales positioning
  • Standing out as a memorable candidate during a job interview

Instructor Profile

Beth McCarthy

Beth has spent the last 20+ years helping brands bridge the gap between their offering and their consumers’ needs, consulting with Fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Citi, Meredith Corporation, Kraft Foods, and Weight Watchers. She gets to this level of deep understanding by establishing trust, getting into hearts and minds, and ultimately surfacing what moves people to action

During her 11+ year tenure at C Space, Beth was instrumental in growing the company from 30 to 600+ employees by establishing and growing client relationships; recruiting, developing, and inspiring employees; and defining and executing overall growth strategies. Prior to C Space, Beth’s work focused on developing customer loyalty initiatives including launching VIP customer programs for American Express, AT&T, Amtrak, and Target.

Beth currently runs her own consulting practice, helping organizations think through tough challenges and new/different ways to solve them. She does this through strategic facilitation – engaging people in spirited discussion and pushing them to think in ways they haven't before.


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